Feb 2nd

Today felt like one of the longest days ever. Fitting that the date 02022020 was the same backwards, our day felt exactly like this. The time we wake up is irrelevant, the time we go to bed is irrelevant with nothing much inbetween.

We decided we would venture outside for a little while within the walls of our community and go for a run together. The reason for staying within the community, other than the obvious risk of contracting the virus, was that temperature readings were being taken to get back in. It wasn’t worth risking it, especially being hot from a run. Running with a mask on certainly makes it more difficult, we also realised how funny it must have looked to the locals, three Brits in shorts running around in circles. During the run, we noticed barbed wire had been erected around the community walls and gates of which all except one had been closed off. As we ran suddenly the cabin fever seemed to leave, just for the half an hour or so, everything felt normal again.

Despite the mask, I completed my first 5km run. This felt like a big victory. We returned to the flat feeling good, our heads free of negative thoughts. This feel good vibe lasted the rest of the day despite time passing ever slowler and the choice of films we hadn’t watched dwindling. However, we noticed that there were a few Premier League games on in the evening and we had a way of accessing them. We stayed up and watched the Spurs Vs Man City game which started at half past midnight here, but it was well worth waiting up for, what a game.

Watching the game really helped us feel normality again, for the two hours it was on we’d all completely forgotten about the virus. We now had something new to talk about. Some fresh content.


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