Feb 4th

We woke up this morning, well more like the afternoon, to the news that the UK government has advised all British citizens to leave China. This sort of news really sets the tone for the day especially when you can’t find any distractions. As we read more articles, both Chinese and British, the combination of rumours and official announcements led to a quiet state of confusion and worry amongst us. The big question on all of our minds is, how are we going to leave? The advice to leave is there but the flights home are not.

After already having one flight cancelled and still awaiting the refund, trying to book onto another flight out of China seemed pretty much impossible. We have had no further information from the UK Government other than the advice “leave China if you can”. The options of travelling to another city like Beijing or Shanghai via train in an attempt to catch a flight from their airports seem too risky. If the flights don’t leave then I’ll be stuck in a different city alone with nowhere to stay, not what I want in the middle of an epidemic. At the minute, the idea is to wait it out for my original planned flight home on the 11th February. The feeling here is that this flight probably will not leave China, but I haven’t lost all hope on that yet.

On the plus side, we’re eating well and we’ve found some good Netflix series to watch after we managed to get it to work here. Coco is doing well and keeping us entertained, he’s helping keep the mood positive, that’s for sure.


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