Feb 1st

Today we decided to venture out of the community and have a ride on the e-bikes. If we were going to be stuck inside most of the time over the next two weeks we wanted to have an hour outside to get some air and at least see some of the city. This may sound high risk, but with no one really on the streets there was very little chance of coming into contact with another person. We put on our masks and gloves and heading out in the sunshine to see the cities main feature, Swan Lake.

Riding round the city on the back of James’ bike, what really struck me was the size of the city and how many tall buildings there are. This is a huge place, with 4 lane roads and cycle paths along every street it is well equipped for the large population it holds. This then made me realise how few people were actually out in the city. The roads empty, the shared bikes all available and the busses (still running) once again empty. We arrived at Swan Lake where there were a few people taking in the view from the man made beach, quite pleasant and peaceful complete with walkways and a beach gym. I don’t think I’d be finding a Mr Whippy though.

After enjoying the view of the city, we returned back home along the empty streets, stopping at the supermarket to pick up some more supplies. We made sure to get plenty of bottled water as the tap water is not suitable for drinking. That’s one thing we really don’t want to run out of.

Later that evening, we had an invite to another friends house nearby to enjoy some more traditional Chinese food. We were picked up by car and had traditional hot pot with a mixture of spicy foods and a few bottles of Baijiu. We also cracked open a few bottles of Corona; it’d be rude not to.


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